Disney’s Pop Century Resort

About Disney's Pop Century Resort

Disney's Pop Century Resort, a fantastic family favourite, there is plenty to delight every member of the clan at this lively resort.

The memorabilia, crazes and catchphrases that defined the 20th Century are everywhere you look - from jukeboxes, bowling pins and 8-track tapes to laptops, mobile phones and VCRs. The giant Rubik's Cube® is something to look out for, as well as huge models of Disney characters from the different eras. Baloo and Mowgli from the Jungle Book (in the 1960s section) are our favourites.

Each building is a larger than life 'time capsule' of pop culture, featuring slogans encouraging you to 'boogie on down' or 'have a nice day' - not exactly hard to do!

In the food hall, the kids can enjoy their favourite food, whilst mum and dad will appreciate a cocktail at the pool bar.

When you're not exploring the theme parks using the complimentary Disney Transport, head to the 60s-themed Hippy Dippy feature pool and let the kids splash for hours in the pop-jet water fountain.

To ensure you don't waste a minute of your holiday, bags can be dropped off at reception even before your accommodation is ready. They will be delivered to your room later, leaving you and the kids with nothing to do but start having fun straight away!

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