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Currently on sale up to return 31 December 2022

Currently on sale up to return 31 December 2023

Currently on sale up to return 31 December 2023

Currently on sale up to return 31 December 2023

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Package


There’s not long left to benefit from this Magical offer for your customers 2022 Walt Disney World Holiday! The 50th Anniversary Package includes the below when you book a stay in one of the participating Disney Resort Hotels on selected dates in 2022*: More details further down this page! OFFER ENDS 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 *T&C Apply

2023 Orlando Holidays


These holidays can currently be inclusive of: - Universal Orlando Resort - Named Orlando Villas - International Drive/Orlando Area Hotels - Car Hire - Select Attraction Tickets Walt Disney World Resort is not on sale for 2023 and is currently only bookable up to the end of 2022. Please keep an eye on our page in the future for when these Resorts are available. Disney Cruise Line will also not on sale for 2023 currently.

Ultimate split stay

Summer 2022

✈️August 9th 2022
✈️London flights
✈️14 night duration

🌴7 nights at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
🌴 1 x standard room
🌴 14 for 7 ultimate Disney tickets
🌴 Memory maker
🌴 $100 Disney gift card
🌴 $427 Disney dining credit

🌎7 nights at Universal’s Loews Sapphire Falls Resort
🌎1 x standard 2 queen room
🌎Universal’s 3 park explorer tickets
🌎Early park admission

✨TOTAL £9999✨
Based on 2 adults, 1 Child (3-9)
Prices subject to availability and may change
ABTA & Atol Protected



✈1st August 2023
✈Manchester Direct Flights
✈14 Nights
🌍Universal's Cabana Bay Resort
🌍Standard Room - Room Only
🌍No resort fees payable locally
🌍Universal Orlando 3 Park Explorer Tickets
🌍Early entry benefits and complimentary express passes inc
🌍TOTAL £8,999🌍
Based on 2 adults & 2 children sharing (2-11)
Prices subject to availability and may change
ABTA & Atol Protected



⭐️17th August 2022
⭐️14 Nights total
⭐️Heathrow flights back into Gatwick
⭐️Disney's All-Star Music Resort
⭐️1 x Standard Room
⭐️14 Day Disney Tickets for the price of 7
⭐️$504 Disney Dining Credit
⭐️$100 Gift Card
⭐️Memory Maker Included

⭐️ TOTAL £8,499⭐️
Based on 2 adults & 2 children sharing (2-11)
Prices subject to availability and may change
ABTA & Atol Protected

Please note, all holidays offers are subject to availability and may change.

Travel Agent Number : 0333 305 0950

Opening Hours : Monday - Friday 1000/1700

There’s not long left to benefit from this Magical offer for your 2022 Walt Disney World Holiday!

The 50th Anniversary Package includes the below when you book a stay in one of the participating Disney Resort Hotels on selected dates in 2022*:
Up to $950 Disney Dining Credit - 14-Day Tickets for the price of 7 - $100 Disney Spending Money
Arrival Dates:
1st January - 2nd April 2022 (inclusive)/ 24th April - 24th September 2022(inclusive)/13th November - 17th November 2022(inclusive)/9th December - 18th December 2022 (Inclusive)
We all need something magical to look forward to, book soon to start your countdown before this offer ends.

*Terms and conditions apply

  • When can you currently book Orlando holidays up to?

    Currently we can make confirmed bookings up to December 2023. This is for the whole of Orlando* inclusive of Universal Orlando Resort, International Drive & Named Villas.

    *Walt Disney World Resorts are only bookable up to December 2022 currently.

    Disney Cruise Line is currently bookable up to December 2022.

  • What makes you different to the operator who is slightly cheaper?

    We are a Disney Destination/Orlando Specialist Tour Operator.

    We don't claim to be the cheapest, in some cases we may be more, sometimes less but we pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and service. We will get it right…

    All our prices are guaranteed. We have strict procedures in the way we work to make sure that we offer the best service we can. We also send actual tickets in the post rather than an email with e-tickets. We want you and your customers to have an experience when booking with us, it’s not just a transaction.

  • My Customer has had a quote from another company for a Disney Resort in 2023.

    Disney are not selling their resorts past December 2022. This will not be a live booking. We anticipate release in the next 6 months and will of course update you.

  • My customer wants to go to New York and then Orlando can you do this?

    We cannot help you with this, we specialise in Orlando as a single destination and we only book holidays including flights in and out of Orlando International Airport. There are however plenty of other Tour Operators out there that can help you with this.

  • Why do you only do quotes via the telephone and not messenger or email?

    First of all, we like to think booking with us is an experience. Secondly we like to maintain our high service levels. In order to do this, we have a simple no messenger and no email quotes policy throughout the company.

    This also includes our direct customers. That means we are able to get to know you as individuals and develop relationships with you. It also means that we can give you off hand tips and info. Emails are very impersonal. Whilst this may not work for everyone, it works for us to be able to provide the best service we can, and we won’t be changing those rules. We’re booking someone’s dream holiday it is important we get it right, and speaking with you is the best way! I remember the BT adverts…. ‘It’s good to talk’.

  • My customer has had a price from another tour operator for a allocation on arrival villa can you match it?

    Most Tour Operators can only provide you with allocation on arrival villas, or just name the community that the villa will be on. We will not book these types of villa holidays. We only deal with named villas so that your customer can see what they are paying for before they book. Allocation on arrival villas are notorious for being substandard and not what a customer expects on arrival. We understand you don’t want a complaint and we also have a reputation to upkeep. So if your customer has had a price for a ‘Standard Orlando Villa’ we will give you our best price for a named villa.

  • Can you offer price parity on your own direct pricing?

    There is no such thing as price parity when it comes to our holidays. We do not have a bookable website. ALL of our holidays are bespoke and tailor made, unique to the customer. The offers on our direct social media are created by our own homeworkers with varying margins, they have control of their pricing, just like you do with discounts! So you need to make sure you are following the Agent Facebook page :

    Here you will find daily agent offers for you to share (all marked at 15%). Alternatively, you can call us if you don’t see what your customer is looking for, or if you want a unique offer for your window/social media.

    We have to make sure that all holidays sold to agents are inclusive of your commission which you can use to discount accordingly to give your customer a lower price. We are positive our prices are extremely competitive compared with other tour operators available to you.

  • When are you releasing 2023, someone else has it on sale and said dates are selling out?

    As above, 2023 Orlando Holidays are now available to book! (Excluding Walt Disney World Resorts & Disney Cruise Line)

  • Are your prices guaranteed?

    Yes, once booked our price is locked in. There are many Tour Operators offering out of date range holidays with no guarantee the price is locked in, however every single holiday we book is locked in at the time of booking. We have had a couple of agents call since booking elsewhere find out that prices they have booked are not guaranteed. We understand getting the booking is exciting, but if someone undercuts us, is it worth the risk?

  • Who can you book flights with out of range?

    All our prices include guaranteed to be direct. This could be Virgin Atlantic, BA or Aer Lingus. We will provide you with a PNR anytime between 300 and 150 days before the return date.

  • My customer has specific seat requests can you book them?

    We don’t get involved in your customer’s airline seats. When the PNR for your client is available it is up to you if you wish to do this or pass it on to the customer. If your customer needs special assistance this is also something you will need to do for your customer or pass onto them. We will of course provide you with contact details. May we remind you that when a customer books/pays for their seats, it is a separate agreement between the airline and the customer and is in no way part of the package we have provided you with. We cannot be liable for the airline changing their advanced seat allocations.

  • Can we book Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Resort CA with you?

    Not at the moment no, hopefully one day in the future we can start to offer these destinations to you, however we are currently concentrating on nailing down our Orlando operation for agents as a priority. Until we are at a point where we are satisfied that we have everything in place to move to other Disney Destinations for agents we will only be offering Orlando Holidays to Agents.

  • Why can’t you email us quotes?

    We have only been working with the trade for 12 months and we are always adding new ways of working to benefit all of you amazing agents, however we currently don’t have a facility to be able to offer this.

    We will be working on some branded quotes for future however we think you will agree that it’s probably better for you to send your own personalised quote to your client than a branded ‘Ever After Holidays’ quote. This gives you the opportunity to sell you!

    This is why we have not seen this as a significant importance. However as above, we have plenty more pixie dust in store…

  • I work in a store and have a customer sat with me, should we call while they are with us?

    We would encourage you to call us while your customer is with you, as you will be able to ask us any questions whilst the client is there. You can also put us on speakerphone to your customer and we are more than happy to help sell the holiday to the customer directly!

  • Can you provide us with sales images without your logo on?

    We can’t provide any images for you to use without our logo on. We can (and do) provide you with images that have no telephone number on.

    The reason for this is all of our marketing goes through an approval process and this takes time and work. There are extremely restrictive guidelines when using images such as Disney’s that need to be followed.

    You are more than welcome to use the images attached to offers on this Facebook page, providing it doesn’t state otherwise, but we must advise that these images must not be defaced or doctored in anyway. For example, if we see one of our images where our logo has been blurred out or covered we will have to take further action. Should you require images without our logo on we ask you get in touch with your management who should be able to provide you with image portfolios.

    If we do see you using our images and amending/distorting them, we will be in touch.

  • Why can’t you offer the £50pp low deposit to us agents that your customers direct have?

    Put simply, we have no control that you are collecting low deposit balances on time from your customers.

    We can easily manage our own direct customers but we have no control over yours. If your client pays a low deposit and cancels before the deposit balance is cleared this is at a loss to you. We can avoid this by collecting standard deposits of £200pp.

  • Why are you not advertising Edinburgh and Belfast ODR in your offers?

    Currently we are only booking guaranteed ODR from London and Manchester. This is due to the continuous changes in schedules in the last 18 months, which ultimately risks a lost booking. Once things return to some form of ‘normal’ we will reintroduce other departures ODR.

    Within date range we can service all departure points.

  • My Customer has had a price can you match it?

    Whilst we understand that customers are price conscious, we will always give you our best price. If it doesn’t quite match up with what your customer has you can always discount from your agent commissions to nail the sale.

  • Will you be running incentives for agents?

    We have been running small monthly incentives and we are trying to work out an incentive scheme for agents that book with us. It may be a while before we announce anything because we are not interested in Love2Shop schemes etc. that others offer. We really want something different and special…… stay tuned in the future.

  • Can you book the 'Magic at Sea' Disney Cruises around the UK or European Disney Cruises for Agents?

    As we specialise in Orlando Holidays to agents this is not something we will be able to offer you.